Travel With Daniel

Travel with Daniel to a worldwide religious and heritage destination here at

 Experience The Spiritual Pilgrimage You’ve Been Dreaming of... Tour the Holy Land of Israel with ++Daniel Zopoula:



See what Jesus saw:

  • Uncover the deepest mysteries behind ancient Israel, 
  • Walk where He walked.
  • Strengthen your faith through a fun, meaningful and educational Holy Land experience like no other.


Bring experiential truth to your faith:

  • A spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land is one of the oldest spiritual practices for renewing and strengthening one’s faith.
  • Connect the events of the Old and New Testaments to the real-life sites in which they occurred... 
  • Experience them truly for the first time.
  • Journey along the Sea of Galilee...
  • Rest on the bank of the Jordan River where our Lord was baptized by John the Baptist...
  • Stand on the very spot where He delivered His sermon on the mount...


Every moment of your pilgrimage has been crafted with your spiritual growth, enjoyment, safety and comfort in mind. You’ll enjoy:

  • Top hotel accommodations for sound sleep and relaxation
  • Luxurious coach bus for on-the-ground transport
  • Lavish buffet meals full of local delicacies
  • Affordable, unforgettable accommodations
  • A safe environment for spiritual, personal and professional growth


About Travel With Daniel

Travel with Daniel is an exclusive retreat and educational tour. This is a high end, global platform of influence inspired and developed by Daniel Zopoula in an effort to create intentional high-level access to leaders and people who are invited to purposefully journey with him. Travel with Daniel networks with international travel specialists, international heritage tours specialists in customizing groups and individual travel to worldwide religious and heritage destinations.


This is a unique earth school like none other. Since it’s creation, the product has attracted business people, spiritual leaders, politicians, philanthropists and difference-makers who want to live, love, and leave a profound legacy. The Holy Land Pilgrim is facilitated by Daniel Zopoula and his team. Touring the Holy Land with Daniel is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to grow, spiritually, personally or professionally.