Life Coaching

I've learned a few things at the helm of both business & non profit organizations. I've invested the time in expanding voices, in human development, networking, social justice and advocacy. After more than 30 years, I am excited to offer perspectives in cross-cultural relations, public engagement, reconciliation, critical transitions and leveraging contributions.

Years in humanitarian work, public engagement, fundraising, social networking, critical team development and bearing witness to love and justice have expanded and shaped my perspective. My experiences in church planting, chaplaincy and pastoral care have seasoned my life with much grace and patience to pass on.   

Now a master storyteller with a prophetic imagination, I'm blessed to share the wealth of grace and wisdom I've learned in the process, to serve many pilgrims on their prophetic journey. 

Together with my team, we offer various experiential programs, therapeutic retreats and experiential travel destinations designed to help individuals, organizations, families, and couples encounter positive and creative change. Whether you are dealing with diet issues, trauma, life planning, spiritual growth, parenting, relationships, stress and burnout, marriage & family issues, team building or life transitions, my team will customize holistic coaching products to help you as you embark on your own sacred journey to being and becoming.

Often, life events, relationships, depression, anxiety, or just the stresses of daily living can keep you from experiencing a breakthrough and becoming your utmost.

We'll help you look at the realities of your current choices and lifestyle and support you in making life-enhancing changes, discover a better future, and fully become the best version of yourself . 

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Fundraise for your cause

Raising funds for your cause can be a daunting task. So, we offer amazing services to help you raise more funds for your cause. Hire an expert and hand your fundraising over to someone you can trust. Don't leave your fundraising efforts to chance!

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Travel With Daniel

Travel with Daniel is an exclusive retreat and educational tour. This is a high end, global platform of influence inspired and developed by Daniel Zopoula in an effort to create intentional high level access to leaders and people who are invited to purposefully journey with him.

This is a unique earth school like none other. If you are looking for an ideal space for self-discovery and life-enhancing changes. If you are stuck and have hit a dead end in your life. If you just experienced a major life turn. If you want an ideal space to distill: To contemplate and account for the meaning and rythm of your life, to listen to your soul and let your life speak. If you desperately want to experience a breakthrough, discover a better future, and fully become the best version of yourself. Then, Travel with Daniel is the ideal product for you.

Since it’s creation, the product has attracted business people, spiritual leaders, politicians, philanthropists and difference makers who want to live, love, and leave a profound legacy.

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Therapeutic Retreats

Daniel facilitates various earth schools, retreats and therapeutic workshops featuring his Smart Products. Once limitted to his immediate inner circles, Daniel now invites more people in his vast network and leadership circles to benefit from the same smart products he personaly designed . These transformational retreats are the ideal ecosystem for experiencing a major breakthrough.

If you have a family crisis: a teenage son or daughter has gone rogue and you need critical earth school advice;  you just discovered that your spouse is a porn addict and you need critical advice; your marriage needs critical intervention. If you are graduating from High school or university and you do not know what to do with your life. If you must make crucial life direction changes.  If you want to discover a better future and fully become the best version of yourself... Then, my hand crafted therapeutic earth school product is ideal  for you.

A master storyteller, Daniel therapeutically brings together tasteful humor and a vast cross-cultural perspective to produce new insights, inspiration & meaning. You will laugh your way to a better future.


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Join Daniel's Tribe

Join our online support group, guided by our own coaches.  Whether you are dealing with diet issues, trauma, life planning, spiritual growth, parenting, relationships, stress and burnout, marriage & family issues, life transitions or more, find your tribe, discover a better future, change your life. 

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