Meet Daniel

A Bushman

Daniel Zopoula is many things to many people. Yet, if we must do justice to his complex life, we must pierce through the superficial charades. Daniel's journey is rooted in a rich Afro Canadian tradition that put a premium on grounding of personhood, gentle embrace of others, cultural manners and social justice. Grounding of personhood can become distorted in the backdrop of this world of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma. Unclear vision of one's life manufactures self-sabotage.


hewed from the land of “upright people” 

I grew up in Burkina Faso, West Africa, "The Land of Upright People." I saw people being happy under adverse, even dire, conditions. I had no money to spare till I left when I was some 24 years old. I knew how to make friends with people who had affluence and spare money. I knew how to enjoy all the happiness of life with people who had the means and affluence I never had.

Then, always, I dreamed of the great day of reckoning when I could rapture and land somewhere in the Western world, the land of affluence and freedom and start making money and start making it big time.  Therefore, when in a strange twist of fate that dream came, I moved to Canada. I studied there and went to ministry. There, I met some of the loneliest people in the world: I met many with something in their hands to drown the sorrow, monotony and boredom of their lives. In spite of all affluence, where the need for meaning remains unfulfilled, there too is grief.

There, I found myself trying to  answer questions of people who have thousand times what I had. They wanted an answer to the crisis of meaninglessness in their lives.

There, people borrow against that which they certainly could never repay. There, I joined with the choir of human angels and archangels that embraced irresponsible living that has come hand in hand with the rejection of God in human destiny. That’s when we catch up to Albert Camus  in The Myth of Sisyphus when he contended: “There is but one truly serious problem...judging whether life is or is not worth living.”

Henceforth, I embarked  on a journey to wrestle with what’s the meaning of life and how to find it; what are the rudimentary components that bring meaning to life.

It had been overlooked or forgotten that if a person has found the meaning sought for, he is prepared to suffer, to offer sacrifices, even, if need be, to give his life for the sake of it. As Nietzsche contended so well: “He who has a ‘why’ can live with any ‘what.’ Conversely, if there is no meaning he is inclined to take his life, and he is prepared to do so even if all his needs, to all appearances, have been satisfied. Truly,  there is a healing force in meaning. I have found that meaning in the service to others in philanthropy, in helping people become the best version of themselves.

Profoundly inspired by Gandhi, Mandela and the Civil Right Movement, I purposed my life to inspire greatness in people everywhere. Dr. King was only 26 when the Montgomery bus boycott began. He started small, rallying others who believed their efforts mattered, pressing onward, pushing every hindrance aside, through challenges and doubts, to change the world for the better. He remains a profound inspiration for the rest of us to keep pushing towards love & justice, everywhere.


Wounded healer

Wounded healer

Though deeply wounded and perennially scarred by the traumatic circumstances that paved the realities of his upbringing, Daniel emerged with great dignity, decency and integrity; with love, courage and humour; choosing social advocacy rather than a life of blind avarice and personal subsevience.

In spite of all affluence, where the need for meaning remains unfulfilled, there too is grief.

Daniel Zopoula

I found myself trying to answer countless questions of people who have a thousand times what I had...
An Irony

Ironically, the sum realities of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma of his earlier "soul-making" yielded his true passion to profoundly influence, lead and inspire people to greatness, unapologetically breeding positive change and bearing witness to love and justice.

I haven't really lived until i've done something for someone...
something they can  never repay
many People ask why i call myself a bushman... simply put, it's my way of saying, "i'm human.
though others may free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. MARCUS GARVEY 

Daniel’s life manifests compassion, creativity and hope for families and individuals. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker, teacher, and a raw, unique voice that resonates in deep places with all whose path he crosses. Daniel’s presence  inspires people to greatness, breeding positive change & bearing witness to love and justice. Devoted in Christian Practice, his  path led him to pioneer Bridges of Hope International, the Miz City Church with a mission to connect all people thru Christ, and a Consulting firm with a different approach.

Hope manifests when you begin to see your story in the light of god's greatness & his will for your redemption.'

a different approach to life

the bush is my teacher 

"The bush has taught me things no classroom could. I am a Grad of Earth School." Daniel Says. As a Coach, he would see clients all over the world, using his phone or in coffee shops or walking in a park somewhere. Through this process, he came up with his own concepts. He realized that there was a new way to help others, combining what he learned from the experiences that paved the realities of his upbringing in the bush. People keep asking him why he calls himself The Bushman. His reply: It’s my way of saying I’m human.

Growing an audience of like-minded people from the ground up, Daniel  built  a coaching team and started a movement to change the way people live. His efforts yielded Life Direction, People helping people to support life altering experiences that maximize human potential to build better lives and a better world.

 The bush has taught me things no classroom could. I am a grad of Earth school


The  lord is my center 


At  an early age, Daniel sat under the mango tree to hear a firery preacher, mrs. Phylis King. Overwhelmed with conviction, he surrendered his life to the Lord. Daniel regards that personal encounter with Christ as a “changing of water into wine” experience. He decided to dedicate his life to connecting all people thru Christ.



People's power is in their connections  

I see the coming together of people of every tribe and nation and the blending of voices and contributions of people against hunger and abject poverty. That made all the difference for me.  "I am because of you, you are because of me, we are all connected." If we all put our hands together and labour together, something bigger will emerge. To me, Poverty is synonymous with Disconnection.

I am because of you,
You are because of me,
We are all connected.