Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope is a nonprofit social innovation organization that engages and resources socially conscious  people to use their  resources and expertise to uplift humanity.

We embrace the mandate  to increase social mobility by strengthening, connecting, amplifying and resourcing the best organic initiatives that dramatically drive systemic change in education, youth development, public health, economic development, and other levers of opportunity that address community needs and improve the lives of people everywhere.

Our vision is to invest in a portfolio of social entrepreneurs, grows their impact and profoundly improve opportunities for children, families, and communities. Our cause is noble and our business proposition is organic and personal: we offer a simple solution to your charitable vision.

The organization is financed from donations, grants and fees for services provided to individuals, foundations or companies.

Bridges of Hope tracks the progress of organizations it funds against five major focus areas—impact and innovation, growth, leadership and governance, organizational strategy, and metrics.

Life Direction

Featuring various identity products, marriage products, customized therapeutic experiences ... corporate chaplaincy...personal growth workshops ... individuals & groups, couples, churches...

The Miz City Church

Daniel Zopoula is Connected to The Miz City Church : A spiritual family with a mission to connect all people thru Christ.